Welcome to Scouting

We are glad your family is interested in Scouting and hope you and your child will enjoy the adventure with Cub Scout Pack 788. We have some information that will help get you started.

Den Meetings

Dens are organized by grade level and we tend to keep dens small, so there may be multiple dens within one grade level. Den meeting times and dates will be determined within each den, based on the availability of its members. Den meetings provide scouts with opportunities to enjoy various planned activities, learn new skills, build relationships, and have fun. Many of the achievements required to advance in rank are done at Den meetings, so regular attendance is strongly encouraged!

Please keep in touch with your kid's Den Leader so that you will know what activities are taking place and can track the progress your child is making. Some of the achievements are worked together as a family beyond den meeting hours.

Pack Meetings

Once a month, typically the third Tuesday of the month, all Dens come together for a "Pack Meeting".

The Pack Meeting is a fun time for everyone. The Dens show off the projects they have been working on, teach/perform songs and skits, participate in the flag ceremony, collect hiking rewards, and receive belt loops and pins to mark the achievements they've earned since the last meeting. Pack meetings typically last an hour, and is a time for families to receive information on upcoming activities for the Pack, and share in the Scouting spirit.

Ready to Join?

If you're already convinced, you can register with Pack 788 online.

The Cub Scout Advancement Trail

Lion Cub

The Lion Cub program is designed for kindergarten age youth and their adult partner. Adult partners (guardians) are there to support and guide, allowing the new Cub Scout to discover risks and rewards under the security of adult supervision. Lion Cubs learn by doing. As they learn and grow, the relationship with their adult partner (guardian) grows as well. At the conclusion of their kindergarten year, the Lion Cub will transition to Tiger Cubs where they'll earn the Bobcat badge and continue on to even more exciting and educational adventures through Cub Scouting.


The bobcat rank is where every Cub Scout starts, regardless of their grade/age. Requirements for Bobcat cover the basics of scouting, including

  • Learn and say the Cub Scout motto, the Scout Oath, and the Scout Law, and tell what they mean.

  • Show the Cub Scout sign, salute, and handshake, and tell what they mean.

  • With a parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the pamphlet "How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide"

When all requirements are completed, the scout has earned the Bobcat badge.

Then, scouts will work on the rank according to their grade level.

  • Tiger — 1st Grade or 7 years old

  • Wolf — 2nd Grade or 8 years old

  • Bear — 3rd Grade or 9 years old

  • Webelos (Year 1) — 4th Grade or 10 years old

  • Webelos (Year 2) — 5th Grade or 11 years old

  • Arrow of Light — highest rank in Cub Scouting; ready to join a Scouts BSA Troop

A scout that does not complete the requirements by the end of the scouting year will not earn the badge for their rank, but will still move forward, beginning their next rank with the rest of their den.


Within the advancement trail are many, many fun adventures which include components regarding civil duty, duty to God, hiking and outdoor activities, online safety, exercise and health, bb guns, archery, slingshots, conservation, and much more.

Meet our cubmaster

My name is Samantha Adkins. I am the cubmaster of pack 788 in Mansfield. This is my second year as cubmaster, and my 5th as a den leader. I’ve helped every grade from 1st grade to 5th grade get their ranks and achievements.

I have a wonderful husband, Joseph, and we have one boy, Wyatt, who is in fifth grade. I am a computer programmer for a law firm in Arlington and I enjoy crocheting, being outside, and terrible sci-fi movies. I like to make fun of myself to make the kids laugh and my primary goal in cub scouts is to make it fun and make it about the kids.


Please reach out to our Cubmaster at cubmaster788@gmail.com.

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